Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fraser's Dragoons - Dumbarton Castle

A great day out at Dumbarton Castle today with spring weather.

Fraser's Dragoons presented their re-enactment much to the pleasure and enjoyment of a large crowd.

Muskets, pikes, and swords were demonstrated. The musket vollies were both spectacular visually and deafeningly loud.

This was to take us back to 1645 when Scotland was under the control of the Royalists. 

My highlight was the dragoons charging to where I was kneeling taking photographs and unexpectedly - to me - they continued right past me. Fantastic.

I applaud the group with their dedication and friendliness to their audience.

 Fraser's Dragoones Open Fire

Fraser's Dragoons Open Fire - Straight at Me

Dragoon's Wives

Dragoons Charge

On Guard

 Dragoon Keeping His Light

 Fraser's Dragoon

 War Cry of the Dragoons

 Fraser's Dragoons - Defend the Castle Walls

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