Monday, 29 October 2012

BB Troll and Swans

The tug "BB Troll" arrived on the Clyde today and was scheduled to be the second tug on the move of the aircraft carrier section.

She was originally the "Stirling Iona" and built here on the Clyde at Ferguson's Shipbuilders.

The section was to move down the Clyde from Govan this morning but was cancelled late last night due to concerns with the weather.

When the move does take place the section will go to Rosyth.

We are waiting to here when the move will be rescheduled,

BB Troll - Eskine Bridge

 BB Troll - Eskine Bridge

 Swan at Erskine Ferry Lodge

 Meet the Family

 BB Troll - Eskine Bridge

BB Troll - Glasgow Bound

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