Monday, 7 October 2013

Joint Warrior Military Exercise 132 - Departures

Another very early morning rise to get across to Glen Mallan (Mallon) to photograph the first vessel of the day - HMS Monmouth - the 'Black Duke'.

Drove through the heavy rain in the hope that despite the forecast things may be better than anticipated.

On arrival at Glen Mallan it was not only still raining, but very dark with low cloud. Hardly ideal.

Still, we persevere and after she berthed I headed on down to Rhu to catch the outbounds from Faslane.

Met up with a couple of the regulars so we chatted while we waited for the first to depart.

Lo and behold as the first one came down the Gareloch the sun actually shone and the clouds lifted.

After getting some images I headed to Roseneath as the sun was now over that side and got the Norwegian submarine as she left.

Then back across to Helensburgh to meet up with friends from Morecambe and a bite of lunch.

Then back to Roseneath for the two American Virginian class submarines - one outbound and one inbound.

Then a dash back up to Glen Mallan (Mallon) to catch HMS Monmouth as she departed, but arrived too late to get her coming off the berth.

A quick u-turn and up to Portincaple to get a long shot from the top of the hill.

Finally it's time to head home and get Maya her long awaited walk before darkness sets in.

HMS Monmouth (F235) Approaching Glen Mallan at Speed

HMS Monmouth (F235)

HMS Monmouth (F235) berthing at Glen Mallan

HMS Monmouth (F235) berthing at Glen Mallan

'HMS Monmouth' (F235) Berthing at Glen Mallan Assisted by 'Anglegarth' and 'SD Reliable'

French Frigate 'La Motte-Picquet' (D645) Approaching Rhu Spit

French Frigate 'La Motte-Picquet' (D645) Outward Bound

HMS Enterprise (H88) Passing Rhu Spit

HMS Enterprise (H88)

HMS Blyth (M111) Approaching Rhu Spit

HMS Brocklesby (M33) Approaching Rhu Spit

HMS Cattistock (M31) Approaching Rhu Spit

HMS Bangor (M109) Approaching Rhu Spit

KNM Utaer (S303) Passing Rhu Spit Outbound

Virginia Class USN Submarine Outbound

Another Virginia Class USN Submarine Inbound

Virginia Class USN Submarine

HMS Monmouth (F235) Heading Out to Sea

Joint Warrior 2013 (132) Video

More images are available at - - better resolution and options to licence.