Thursday, 12 July 2012

PS Waverley 5 Island Cruise

 Today it was a trip 'Doon the Watter' on the PS Waverley.

It's been a few years since I was aboard but a tempting offer of a discount voucher paved the way for a great day out - and we were blessed with some wonderful sunshine,

The cruise started at Greenock and we departed right on time at 10:30 and headed to our first port of call - Helensburgh.

After picking up some passengers we sped off in the direction of Dunoon where we had the slightest of delay as we waited on a coach arriving.

Down the river and on to Rothesay and the sun was still holding despite a forecast of cloud.

Then it was across to Largs where a large crowd were waiting to embark, and this completed, we were Millport bound.

After Millport we headed past Little Cumbrae and on down to Brodick in Arran where a fair number disembarked for a few hours while others came aboard as we steamed on down past the Holy Isle to Pladda where we saw the Lighthouse dating from 1790.

Then we covered the route in reverse - still with the sun beating down - till we arrived back at Greenock at 21:30.

A long but very rewarding day on the river aboard the 'Waverley'.

PS Waverley Dining Area

PS Waverley Dining Area

 Engine Room

 Helensburgh to Pick Up Passengers

 Departing Helensburgh - Dunoon the Next Stop

 Heading Back after Visiting Pladda

 Passing Arran

 Holy Isle in the Distance

Seagull Balancing

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