Sunday, 28 July 2013

Inverkip Power Station - Chimney Demolition

The iconic chimney of the now defunct Power Station at Inverkip was demolished tonight at 22:00.

The first blast - 90 metres up - was followed closely by another one at ground level.

It will be missed by many as it was a landmark of this area.

At a height of 778 ft it dominated the landscape and was Scotland's tallest freestanding structure.

 More than 1.4m bricks encased in 20,000 tonnes of reinforced concrete were involved in it's construction - and I myself was present when it was being built.

Many onlookers gathered on the hillside behind the chimney and many took to the river in small craft to witness the demolition. They were not disappointed at the spectacle.

The Worker Gives an Indication of Scale and Chimney Size

Demolition Workers

Onlookers and Media Gather on the Hillside

Police Ensuring that No Persons Remained inside the Exclusion Zone

Charges Detonate

Starting to Fall

Crumbling Down 

Almost There


Only Dust Remains

Inverkip Chimney Demolition from Dougie Coull on Vimeo.

More images are available at - - better resolution and options to licence.