Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Day on the Forth Circle Railway Line

A first time visit to the Forth Circle railway line.

Intention was to get some images of the fantastic A4 class steam locomotive 'Union of South Africa' - number 60009.

Arrived in good time so popped down to Bo'ness first, but she had departed earlier than scheduled.

Lucky to get a shot of the'Morayshire' in her new black livery - good result.

Then on to the original destination of Linlithgow for the start of the rail-tour morning run.

Spoiled at the station as a Scot Rail diesel unit arrived just before 60009 and sat long enough to prevent any worthwhile shots.

Headed over the Forth Road Bridge and on down to Culdross where some useful shots were taken.

Weather was holding but visibility not too great. But I'll take a dry day any time.

Back across the Forth and up to Polmont station and got a few images as she went through.

A bit of luck as stumbled upon Dalmeny Junction where 60009 was taking water - another result.

Hurried across the Forth Road Bridge again and got a few shots as she passed over the Forth Rail Bridge.

Then on down to Culdross again to get some images as she thundered past Culdross for a second time.

A long but worthwhile day and will definitely return and be more knowledgable on the locations next time.

'Morayshire' in Her New Black Livery

Robert at Bo'ness Station

 Approaching Culdross

Approaching Polmont Station

Over the Forth Rail Bridge

 On the Forth Rail Bridge

 Approaching Culdross

Passing Culdross

Approaching Polmont

 Leaving Linlithgow

 Tender Work

 Dalmeny Junction

Shovelling Coal

 Taking Water

At Dalmeny

Culdross Shoreline

More images are available at - - better resolution and options to licence.