Saturday, 29 December 2012

Glasgow with Friends

Belgian friends were having a stopover in Glasgow on their way home to Bremen from Skye so I was really pleased to have the opportunity to meet up with them and enjoy their company.

After a bit of shopping we went to see the Christmas lights at George Square and then on for a meal.

While in George Square a wedding party were taking to the carousel and the bride and bridesmaid very kindly posed for a few quick shots.

All in all a very nice time.

 Bride and Bridesmaid

 Happy Bride on the Carousel

Friends at the Christmas Lights

 Entertainment at the Christmas Lights

 Entertainment at the Christmas Lights

Christmas Rides

Skating on Ice at the Christmas Lights in George Square

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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Meet Maya

After a week of waiting we got the green light to collect Maya from the rescue centre at Milton.

Having sadly lost our dog Misty some weeks earlier we had been undecided on taking on another.

Misty was unique in so many ways and a heartbreak to have lost her.

Passing Milton one day we decided to put our name in and let fate decide.

Then we got the call and went over to see Maya. Love at first sight - but she had of course to get checks and some veterinary attention.

She settled in almost immediately - albeit she has a tummy problem and not yet house trained.

She is five months old and a full German Shepherd.

She does need some feeding as a bit underweight but the tummy issue means we can't overload her with food.

We are looking forward to many happy hours with Maya once she has settled in, though already a family member with her friendly disposition.

My New Home?

This is My Christmas Cracker
Enjoying a Chew

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Monday, 17 December 2012

MV Hallaig Launches from Fergusons Shipyard

The 'MV Hallaig' was today launched from Ferguson's shipyard in Port Glasgow, Inverclyde.

The launch of a ship is always an exciting time, but more so these days as there are so few built on Clydeside.

She is the first of two cutting edge ‘hybrid’ ferries - the first of its kind in the world - and will be operated my Caledonian MacBrayne.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had the privilege of launching the vessel at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

The shipyard workers were on hand to ensure a safe passage as she entered the river, and it was with much pride that they saw the fruition of their many hours of skilled labour.

As always, the visitors were made to feel most welcome at this shipyard.

Crowd Begins to Gather Prior to the Hallaig Launch

Checks Before the Launch

 Hallaig Launch - Ferguson's Shipyard

Yard Workers - Ferguson's Shipyard

Launch Workers - Ferguson's Shipyard

Cheering Crowds at the Hallaig Launch

Final Burning at the Hallaig Launch

Nicola Sturgeon Who Launched the Hallaig at Ferguson's Shipyard

 Final Work Taking Place - Ferguson's Shipyard

 A Wet Bottom at the Hallaig Launch 

Hallaig Launches from Ferguson's Shipyard

 Nicola Sturgeon with 19 year old apprentice Jill Hughes after the Launch
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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mykali as she passes Greenock

The bulk carrier Mykali left KGV docks in Glasgow around noon and headed on down past Greenock on her way to the open sea.

Svitzer tugs Ayton Cross, and Anglegarth assisted as she navigated the upper reaches of the Clyde.

Also managed a few images from the Easy India harbour as I awaited the Mykali's passage.

Boyne Vale - East India Harbour
 Sea Venture - CN-779 - East India Harbour

Boyne Vale - Deck Gear

 Mykali and Ayton Cross

Ayton Cross and  Mykali

Mykali - Approaching Greenock

Mykali - Off East India Harbour
Mykali - Bulk Carrier 

Anglegarth and Mykali

Mykali, Ayton Cross, and Anglegarth

Mykali and Anglegarth
Mykali Passing Greenock

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Fure Sun and Pex - Glasgow Bound

The tanker 'Fure Sun' and cargo ship 'Pex' as they pass Greenock.

'Fure Sun' was bound for Rothesay Dock, and 'Pex' for Glasgow.

Pex went past at a fair speed.

 Fure Sun and Anglegarth - Off Greenock Ocean Terminal

 Fure Sun - Off East India Harbour

 Fure Sun - Off East India Harbour

 Fure Sun and Anglegarth - Off East India Harbour

 Pex and Encounter - Off Greenock

 Pex  - Off Greenock

 Pex  - Cargo Ship Glasgow Bound

 Pex  - Off Greenock

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Greenock Stroll

As my car was in for a few checks this morning I ventured around the west end of Greenock.

Here are a few images taken along the way.

St Mary's Church

 Cannon - McLean Museum

McLean Museum

McLean Museum

George Wyllie Peacock Sculpture - McLean Museum
 St John's Episcopal Church

 St John's Episcopal Church

St John's Episcopal Church

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