Monday, 16 September 2013

Carnival Legend Cruise Ship at Greenock

The cruise ship 'Carnival Legend' arrived in Greenock today.

She was originally scheduled to be here this coming Friday, but due poor weather in the North Sea this was changed.

Her itinerary was reversed - so that instead of heading to Norway from Dover - she came up the west coast.

She stopped over in Liverpool yesterday and made her way up last night.

Weighing in at 88,500 tonnes and can carries around 2,100 passengers.

'Carnival Legend' Off Greenock Esplanade

'Carnival Legend' Canting off Greenock Esplanade

'Carnival Legend' off Greenock Esplanade

'Carnival Legend' Berths at the Greenock Ocean Terminal in Early Morning Rain

A Glimpse of Sunshine Gives Hope

'Carnival Legend' Almost Berthed at the Greenock Ocean Terminal

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