Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Day Around the River

Spent a fair bit of the day around the waterfront in Inverclyde.

The car ferry 'Isle of Lewis' arrived for repair at Greenock having suffered some damage - due to snagging a lobster creel I believe.

Then we had the bulk carrier 'Bosphorus King' coming down from Glasgow having discharged her cargo.

Then HMS Northumberland (Iron Duke) also made her way downriver from Glasgow to anchor off Greenock for the night - before departing on her Joint Warrior exercise duties on Monday.

Two of Clyde Marine Services tugs who assisted as she left Glasgow powered past but seemed unable to keep pace with the the Iron Duke as she sped past Port Glasgow.

'Isle of Lewis' Passing East India Harbour

'Isle of Lewis' Entering Dry Dock

'Isle of Lewis' in the Garvel Dry Dock 

'Isle of Lewis' in the Garvel Dry Dock 

'Bosphorus King' Passing East India Harbour

'Bosphorus King' Passing East India Harbour 

'Bosphorus King' Heading Out to Sea

HMS Northumberland (F238) Passing Dumbarton

HMS Northumberland (F238) Passing Langbank

 HMS Northumberland (F238) Approaches Port Glasgow at Speed

HMS Northumberland (F238) with Turbines Whistling

Bridge Party Aboard the HMS Northumberland

HMS Northumberland (F238) Heading to Anchorage for the Night

The tug 'Bruiser' Heads Home at Speed

The tugs 'Battler' and 'Bruiser' Charge Past Port Glasgow

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