Saturday, 22 December 2012

Meet Maya

After a week of waiting we got the green light to collect Maya from the rescue centre at Milton.

Having sadly lost our dog Misty some weeks earlier we had been undecided on taking on another.

Misty was unique in so many ways and a heartbreak to have lost her.

Passing Milton one day we decided to put our name in and let fate decide.

Then we got the call and went over to see Maya. Love at first sight - but she had of course to get checks and some veterinary attention.

She settled in almost immediately - albeit she has a tummy problem and not yet house trained.

She is five months old and a full German Shepherd.

She does need some feeding as a bit underweight but the tummy issue means we can't overload her with food.

We are looking forward to many happy hours with Maya once she has settled in, though already a family member with her friendly disposition.

My New Home?

This is My Christmas Cracker
Enjoying a Chew

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