Monday, 7 April 2014

Another Busy Day in the Clyde Area

We had the German warship bound for the KGV docks in Glasgow.

The repaired bow visor was transported from Ferguson's shipyard in Port Glasgow to the James Watt Dock in Greenock.

Later in the day the Serco's 'SD Warden' and Calmac's 'MV Finlaggan' docked in the Garvel Dry Dock for maintenance work.

FGS Magdeburg Approaching Greenock

 FGS Magdeburg (F261) passing East India Harbour

 FGS Magdeburg (F261)

 FGS Magdeburg (F261) - Glasgow Bound

Calmac Ferry Coruisk Repaired Bow Visor

Repaired Bow Visor Awaits Crane to Hoist to the Quayside

 River Pilot at Work

SD Warden Approaching the Garvel Dry Dock

Crew Prepare to Enter the Dock

Vessels in the Dry Dock

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