Sunday, 2 September 2012

Life Aboard the Lord Nelson

I spent a very enjoyable hour aboard the Lord Nelson having been invited for a tour by Jennie,  and John - the captain.

Having sailed on the 'Sir Winston Churchill' many years ago I always enjoy my 'below decks' visits to the visiting sailing vessels.

The Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is the registered charity that owns and operates both the 'Lord Nelson' and 'Tenacious'.

I think they do a fantastic and very worthwhile job with these vessels.

More information is available at their web site -
 Wheelhouse on the Lord Nelson

 Second Mate Lesley Aboard the Lord Nelson

Staircase and Lift - Lord Nelson

 Planning Meeting on the Lord Nelson

 Sleeping Accomodation on the Lord Nelson

One of the Lifts on the Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson Himself in the Recreation Area

 Jennie at the Bar in the Recreation Area Aboard the Lord Nelson

 Recreation Area on the Lord Nelson

'Dad' the Assistant Cook on the Lord Nelson

Loading Provisions Aboard the Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson - Custom House Quay

Lord Nelson's Wheelhouse

More images are available at - - and are also better resolution.