Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Small Ships Race 2014

This event wasn't too clearly publicised with an itinerary that I could find, but went down today to see what I could of the participants.

The event facilitates young people from ages twelve to twenty-five to compete against other sailing vessels and their crews.

The fleet has vessels ranging in size from a thirty-five foot bermudan sloop to a ninety foot gaff rigged schooner.

After the racing is complete, some of the vessels will join the Commonwealth Flotilla.

 The flotilla is expected to comprise of two hundred and fifty vessels that will sail from Greenock to Glasgow on Saturday 26 July this year.

 Alba Endeavour

 Almost Becalmed

 Challenge Wales

Slow Progress in a Light Breeze

More images are available at - www.dougie-coull-photography.co.uk - better resolution and options to licence.