Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Gold Rover

Yet another early start this morning, but at least the weather was favourable.

First stop Rhu to catch the 'Gold Rover' as she departed to my her way round to Glen Mallan in Loch Long.

Caught 'HMS Tracker' as she transited the Rhu Narrows first.

Then the 'Golden Rover' came through assisted by Serco tugs.

Then the drive up through Garelochhead to Glen Mallan and the waiting game till she arrived.

Rewarded with some nice light and this made it all worthwhile.

 HMS Tracker

 Approaching Rhu Narrows

 Sailing Past

On Her Way

 Arriving at Glen Mallan

 Coming Up Towards the Jetty

 Passing the Shoreline

 Sun Catches Gold Rover

Starting to Berth

Almost Berthed

More images are available at - www.dougie-coull-photography.co.uk - better resolution and options to licence.