Sunday, 16 June 2013

(HMS) Queen Elizabeth 'Aft Island' Move

The 'Aft Island' section of (HMS) Queen Elizabeth left the BAE shipyard in Govan and will now head around to Rosyth to meet up with the other sections for completion.

The weather - for once - favoured those who gathered on the banks of the Clyde to document the passage.

(HMS) Queen Elizabeth 'Aft Island' Approaching Erskine Bridge

Tug Anglegarth Takes Up the Stern

(HMS) Queen Elizabeth 'Aft Island' Under Erskine Bridge

(HMS) Queen Elizabeth 'Aft Island' Heading Down River Past Bowling

Passing Port Glasgow 

Passing Port Glasgow 

Tug 'Keverne' on the Lead Tow

Heading Towards Greenock 

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