Friday, 26 April 2013

Joint Warrior Exercise - Vessels Return

We had some more vessels return to the Clyde today after their Joint Warrior exercise.

I caught two of the Danish vessels as they travelled upriver to Glasgow.

 HDMS Esbern Snare (L17) - Erskine Bridge Passing Erskine Bridge

HDMS Esbern Snare (L17) - Glasgow Bound

HDMS Esbern Snare (L17)

 HDMS Absalon (L16) at Erskine Bridge

HDMS Absalon (L16) with Tug Anglegarth Escorting

 HDMS Absalon (L16) from Erskine Bridge

Tug Anglegarth from Erskine Bridge

More images are available at - - and are also better resolution.