Friday, 28 March 2014

Joint Warrior Arrivals to the Clyde Area

It's day two and we're expecting this to be the busiest day for arrivals.

Weather continues to dominate the proceedings with the bitter wind so wrapped up well to fend off the cold as best as possible.

Mostly the American arrivals today with the Danes taking up the rear as the final arrival of the day.

Not disappointed with the show today, well worth the effort and time at Faslane.

 USS Vella Gulf 

 USS James E William

 Crew Assembled on Deck

 Taking in the Scenery

 USS Samuel B Roberts

 USS Samuel B Roberts

USS Leyte Gulf 

 USS Leyte Gulf 

 More Sightseeing

 USS Cole

 HDMS Triton

 HDMS Triton

 Lyme Bay

Ships Berthed at Faslane

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