Sunday, 12 August 2012

Strathspey Railway - Broomhill Station

Well, this time heading home from Buckie and stopped off at Broomhill Station near Aviemore.

This is the station where the line reaches it's terminus. 

The replica station building has been reconstructed where the original once was.

 It is hoped to extend the line though to Grantown. 

Broomhill was used as the station for in the BBC series "Monarch of the Glen" - Glenbogle.

Caly 828 Arrives at Broomhill Station  

 Caly 828 - Broomhill Station 

 Caly 828 - Broomhill Station 

 Caly 828 Attracts Attention in Broomhill Station 

 Caly 828 with a Happy Crew

 Caly 828 Cab

 Caly 828 at Broomhill Station 

Carriage Interior

Strathspey Railway - Caly 828 Departs Broomhill Station

Strathspey Railway - Broomhill Station

Strathspey Railway - Broomhill Station Garden

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