Sunday, 28 September 2014

James Watt Dock - Greenock

A busy wee time at the James Watt Dock this afternoon.

Fishery protection vessel 'Minna' arrived and safely berthed.

'Svitzer Milford' exited the Garvel dry dock ably assisted by the tug 'Battler' and entered the JAmes Watt Dock for final repair work.

'Lyra' Approaches the Dock

 Flag Lowered on the 'Minna'

 'Minna' Approaches the Dock


Steady as She Goes

 Safely in Dock

'Battler' Assists the 'Svitzer Milford'

Helping Hand

 'Battler' Assists the 'Svitzer Milford'

'SD Reliable' with a New Coat of Paint

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