Monday, 24 March 2014

Activity Prior to Joint Warrior Exercise

Popped over to the Gareloch as it was rumoured we may see some activity prior to the Joint Warrior military exercise.

The tanker 'Excello' was discharging fuel - in preparation for the warships that would refuel before leaving for the exercise.

Two minesweepers arrived and made their way up the Gareloch to Faslane.

Although dry and very sunny I was just about blown off my feet with the strong wind.

Mission accomplished I headed home knowing I would be returning soon for more arrivals.


 Unusual Funnel - Tanker Excello

 Mine-hunters Arrive

 Belgian Ship - Bellis


Bound for Faslane

Dutch Minesweeper


 Passing Rhu Narrows

Bound for Faslane Naval Base

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