Thursday, 30 October 2014

Glen Mallon on a Dreich Morning

Another early start to get over to Glen Mallon to get a few photographs of the RFA vessel 'Black Rover' departing to head down to Loch Striven.

The weather on the drive over was horrendous with very heavy rain so my expectations were rather negative.

However as I travelled down the road at loch Long it eased back and down to a drizzle.

Getting good images was challenging but hopefully I have managed a few.

Heading back down the loch road I encountered a contingency of Dutch marines who have been here for about a month carrying out various exercises.

A few photos of them and some of their equipment rounded off my morning before heading home.

Waiting on the Tugs

Coming Off the Jetty

Ready to Depart Glen Mallon

Heading Off

Transiting the Loch

Serco Tugs in Attendance

 Plenty Smoke

 Dutch Marine's Radio Transport


Dutch Marine's Truck  

Ready to Get Wet

More images are available at - - better resolution and options to licence.