Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day in the Sunshine

Short walk near Coves Reservoir today yielded a few photos.

The remains of a Second World War gun emplacement are still visible.

  This was an anti-aircraft battery and part art of the Clyde AA Defences.

The battery was equipped with four gun emplacements

Met up with a couple walking their dogs and one - Tess - was Maya's double. Quite amazing to see them together.

The local families were happy to pose as they enjoyed the very warm sunshine today.

Final image was of a much cooler variety as the sun was setting.

Ammunition Store


Ammunition Store

Generator House


Maya and Tess

Local Families Enjoy the Sunshine

Cooler at Sunset

More images are available at - www.dougie-coull-photography.co.uk - better resolution and options to licence.