Saturday, 28 September 2013

Viking Event at Rothesay Castle

It was a trip across the Rothesay on the Isle of Bute today on the ferry 'MV Bute'.

The weather was exceptional for this time of year and in the warm sunshine it was hard to believe we were only days before October begins.

Historic Scotland were running one of their most excellent events at the castle - the first in ten years - so it was a special day.

The Viking longboat started proceedings by making a landing on the beach.

This was followed by a parade of the group members who had set up an encampment in the castle.

Once at the castle - which was extremely busy - we watched the Scottish soldiers defend the castle from a fierce Viking attack on the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Largs.

 A tour of the encampment demonstrated the day to day life of the Norse and Scots people of 1263.

 We were entertained with combat displays and weapon demonstrations relating to the Norse invasion.

 Unfortunately as the last ferry was at 19:45 I missed the torch lit parade at 19.30, not to mention the hog roast and firework display on the promenade later in the evening.

I'll be adding more images later to my Blog if you care to visit again next week.

 War Memorial - 'The Angel'  in Rothesay

Viking Battle at Rothesay Castle

Carol Hard at Work at Rothesay Castle

 Kids Join in at the Viking Event in Rothesay Castle

 Viking Longboat Landing at Rothesay

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Wet Day on the West Highland Railway Line

A day chasing the ' 'Great Marquess' as she pulled a steam train tour on the West Highland Way.

The rain was incessant and cameras, clothes, and myself got drookit throughout the day - which dampened things in more ways than one.

Still, we have a few images to share and as always it's a pleasure to see, hear, and smell these mighty steam locomotives.

'Great Marquess' (61994) Pulling out of Garelochhead in the Heavy Rain

'Great Marquess' (61994) Arriving at Arrochar

Great Marquess (61994) Departing Arrochar

Great Marquess (61994) in Arrochar Station

Great Marquess (61994) in Arrochar Station

'Great Marquess' (61994) Arriving at Crianlarich

'Great Marquess' (61994) in Crianlarich Station

Great Marquess (61994) - Near Tyndrum

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Friday, 20 September 2013

River Clyde - Off Greenock

After my trip to Irvine it was back up the road and and a wee trip down to Greenock.

I was fortunate enough to catch the container ship 'Energizer' and the sailing yacht 'Drum' in some nice sunshine.






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'City of Adelaide' aka 'Carrick' Departs Irvine

The 'City of Adelaide' aka 'SV Carrick' finally departed Irvine today at the third attempt due to inclement weather.

A crowd of around 1,000 people assembled - many for their third day - and watched the world's oldest clipper ship leave Scotland bound for London. The historic clipper will then be loaded onto a cargo ship for its final journey to Australia to be restored.

She was built in Sunderland in1864, and was salvaged in 1992 after sinking in Glasgow the year before.

 'Dutch Pioneer' Leaving Irvine

Lady Harpist Performs Before the Departure

 'Dutch Pioneer' Flying the Flags

  'Dutch Pioneer' Manoeuvres Towards The 'City of Adelaide' 

 'Dutch Pioneer'

'City of Adelaide' Prepares to Depart Irvine

Final Preparation for the Departure of the 'City of Adelaide' 

'City of Adelaide' Departing Irvine

 'City of Adelaide' Departing Irvine

 'City of Adelaide' Departing Irvine

Crowds Gather to Witness the 'City of Adelaide' Departing Irvine

'Dutch Pioneer' Assisting the 'City of Adelaide' as She Departs Irvine

 'City of Adelaide' Now Far from Shore

City of Adelaide

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

'Vision of the Seas' - Departs Greenock on a Murky Evening

'Vision of the Seas' on a visit to Greenock today.

She departed on the next leg of her journey just after 19:00. It was beginning to get dark by this time, and coupled with the poor weather of mist and rain, great images were never on the cards.

However, did my best and headed for the warmth of home as soon as she left the Greenock Esplanade.

 Preparing to Cant

 Starting to Cant.


 'Island Princess' Passes 'Vision of the Seas'

Outward Bound

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Awaiting Departure of the 'City of Adelaide'

A run down to Irvine today as it looks like the 'City of Adelaide' will finally start her journey to leave Scotland today.

This is after yesterday's aborted run when I learned halfway down the road that it had been postponed.

I had driven through very heavy rain this morning so was relieved to find that Irvine was dry, if a bit on the windy side.

Sadly, despite a large turnout of well wishers to see her off, the departure was abandoned for a second day.

This grand old lady is certainly not running to schedule with the inclement weather.

She is now expected to depart either Friday or Saturday.

'Red Countess' Waits Patiently

Awaiting the Decision - Go or Stay?

 Crowds Gather for the Departure

Everyone Waits in Anticipation

'Dutch Pioneer' Returns to Her Berth

'Dutch Pioneer' Berthjng


 Berthing at High Water

 Ready with the Ropes

 Staying Put Today

View of the River

Till Tomorrow

Dutch Pioneer

Secured for the Night

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