Saturday, 26 October 2013

West Highland Railway Line

Today saw the return of the steam locomotives utilised on the Jacobite Train Tours on the award winning Fort William to Mallaig Railway line.

The season having been completed they returned to their respective homes for some TLC.

As there would be three steam locomotives coming down the day was planned.

A visit to Garelochhead to catch the first one - 62005 - as she would have quite a long stop there.

Then a run up to the line past Tyndrum to catch the double header that was headed for Crianlarich.

Quite a tight schedule made worse with the traffic lights for road improvements and slow cars on the A82.

Just after they passed the stretch we headed back down to Crianlarich station where they were taking on water. Again this was a long stop so time on my side.

Arrived to the usual circus of enthusiast vying to get their photographs.

The rain didn't stay away too long and back to car for a brew and a sandwich. Then - in the rain - back up to the platform in the hope that the crowds had died away.

Still a few held on for their photos but a lot quieter than earlier.

Finally up to the bridge across the tracks outside Crianlarich to get them as they pulled up the incline.

With the very heavy rain and poor light it was a challenge but glad I stayed.

Then down the road to home to dry out and recharge the batteries.

 Double Header Arriving at Garelochhead

Double Header Arriving at Garelochhead

Diesel Locomotive Class 37 (37518) at Garelochhead

 Steam Locomotive 62005 at Garelochhead

 Diesel Locomotive Class 37 (37518) at Garelochhead

 Donnie Chats with the Train Crew at Garelochhead

Steam Locomotive 62005 at Garelochhead 

 Double Header at Garelochhead

Steam Locomotive 62005 at Garelochhead

Double Header at Garelochhead

Double Header Approaching Tyndrum

Heading to Crianlarich Station

Double Header at Crianlarich Station

Steam Locomotive (45407) in the Rain at Crianlarich Station

 Steam Locomotive (45407) at Crianlarich Station

Steam Locomotive (45407) Leaving Crianlarich in Torrential Rain

West Highland Railway Line in 2013

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