Friday, 11 December 2015

MV Catriona - Launch Day

Today we witnessed the launch of the MV Catriona - the first ship built since Jim McColl rescued the yard when things looked very dark indeed.

Since the rescue we have seen investment in infrastructure, and the rebuilding continues.

Talking to the yard workers it was clear to see that they were happy with the new scenario and the future looks and feels good.

The weather threatened prior to the launch but pleased to say we were blessed with some sunshine at the right time.

When in service she can carry 150 passengers, 23 cars, or two HGVs. She is the third ferry built at Fergusons utilising a hybrid system of diesel and battery power.

After sea trials we expect to see her in service in the summer of next year.

 Piper Plays

 Getting ready for the Launch

 Crowds start to Gather


 Waiting for the Launch

 Bottom is Wet

 A Loud Cheer

In She Goes

 Local school kids enjoy this piece of History

Ready for the next One

 The man who saved the shipyard

 Launch Party

 Best View?

Battler Assists to Berth

Jim McColl with the shipyard Workers

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Final Piece of the Jigsaw

The final piece of the aircraft carrier - (HMS) Prince of Wales - left Govan today and is now heading to Rosyth.

This is the Aft Island section.

Ayton Cross took the bow of the barge with CMS Warrior taking the stern.

The Esvagt Connector followed on and she took over the tow at Greenock to continue the journey.

I stopped off at Ferguson Marine where the new Calmac ferry will be launched tomorrow morning.

Passing Langbank

Approaching Port Glasgow

Sea Going Tug Esvagt Connector

Esvagt Connector

All the Tugs

Passing Port Glasgow

CMS Warrior

Heading Downriver

Bound for Greenock

Final Preparations for Tomorrow's Launch

Taking the Strain

Stern View

Heading to Sea

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

CMS Warrior

CMS Warrior arrived at her home port of Greenock last Saturday in blustery wind and rain.

I was given an opportunity to see around her when things were a bit calmer.

She is operated by Clyde Marine Services and is a welcome addition to the Clyde Port.

My thanks to the crew - and it has to be said they operate under severe and dangerous circumstances at times, but obviously love their work.

She has a few jobs scheduled already for later in the week and I'm sure she will be a busy tug on the Clyde.

I hope you enjoy the visual tour.

Arriving Last Week


Forward Engine Room

 Aft Engine Room


Room with a View

 Looking from the Stern

 Bow Work Area


Control Panel

Looking Through the Main Cabin Area

On Deck

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Today's View of the River Clyde

Spent some time at the Cloch Lighthouse today and watched the river traffic go by.

 MV Coruisk bound for Rothesay

Trident Submarine heading to Sea

Entourage Escorts the RN Submarine

Close Quarters

 Sound of Scarba departs Hunter's Quay

Passing the Gantocks

Approaching McInroy's Point

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