Sunday, 9 June 2013

NSRS - SRV1 - NATO Submarine Rescue System

As part of my visit to 'SD Northern River' over the weekend I was very fortunate to witness some of the training with SRV1.

Based at Faslane on the Clyde, the unit was at Glen Mallon for training. It is owned owned jointly by the UK, France, and Norway.

SRV1 can be loaded on to aircraft for fast response anywhere around the world when required.

It has a crew of two pilots and can rescue up to 15 people at a time.

It is truly spectacular and I felt privileged to spend some time aboard  and see just what the unit was capable of - though we hope she is never needed.

 SRV1 Starting to Submerse

 Recovering from the Sea

 Looks Very Space Age

Multitude of Switches and Panels

 Space is Very Tight


SD Northern River Weekend Visit from Dougie Coull on Vimeo.

More images are available at - - and are also better resolution.