Sunday, 28 June 2015

Royal Scotsman Train Tours - Inverclyde

Another Sunday, another 'Royal Scotsman' tour arrives in Inverclyde with it's passengers enjoying the local scenery and activities.

I firstly stopped off at Greenock to get the Class 57 that was heading to Gourock to meet up with the train.

Then on down to Gourock station to see the train and other locomotive that had come down from Bridge of Orchy earlier in the day.

As I departed the station some of the passengers had disembarked from their their coach and were heading for the train to dine and carry on down to Kilmarnock.

I opted to catch her as she headed through Fort Matilda before heading home for my own dinner.

Class 57 - 57316 - Approaching Greenock 

57316 - Through Greenock Central

57316 Arrives in Gourock 

 Class 47- 47854 - Rear Traction

Welcome Aboard

Class 47- 47854 Awaits Departure


 Dining Car

'Royal Scotsman'


 Tour Coach for the Passengers

Approaching Fort Matilda Station

Through Fort Matilda

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

A1 Class Tornado Travels Scotland

The A1 class steam locomotive 'Tornado' is hauling rail tours in Scotland this month.

She was built by steam train enthusiasts in Darlington at a cost of £3m.

The original design was by Arthur H Peppercorn and forty-nine were built in the late forties by BR before being scrapped in the mid sixties.

Four tours are being run by Abellio ScotRail and yesterday was her Stirling to Inverness run.

So, a bit of chasing around the country to get a few images on a day that turned quite sunny was a lot of fun.

 Approaching Greenfaulds Station at Speed

Greenfaulds Station

Approaching Blackford 

At Blackford

Through Blackford 

Blackford Signal Box

Approaching Dunkeld & Birnam Station 

Tornado at Dunkeld & Birnam Station 

At Dunkeld & Birnam Station 

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Red Arrows at Prestwick Airport

The Red Arrows arrived right on time at Prestwick Airport this evening.

We saw them do a flypast before turning and landing one at a time.

They later departed three at a time at 18:40 and headed south to perform a display in Whitehaven returning at 19:35.

They then overnight until 09:00 tomorrow morning.

 Reds Arrive and do a flypast at Prestwick Airport

Reds Overhead


XX219 Safely Landed 

All in a Row

Departing Prestwick Airport

Dream Girl Departs 


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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Celebrity Silhouette Calls in to Greenock

The Solstice Class cruise ship 'Celebrity Silhouette' arrived this morning on her first visit to the Clyde.

One of the larger visitors this year she has an occupancy of 2,886 passengers.

She is expected to depart around 18:00 tonight outbound and there has been a change of destination as she heads to Le Havre rather than Holyhead as intended.

 Passing Gourock Inbound

Approaching Greenock Esplanade

 Upper Decks

Canting at No1 Buoy

Going Astern to Greenock Ocean Terminal

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Rock of Ages Event at Dumbarton Castle

Yet another winning event from Historic Scotland.

This took place over the weekend and I managed to get across on the Sunday for a few hours.

As always credit goes to all the participants who give us such spectacular events through their energetic efforts.

I believe around 1,200+ visitors turned up on each day, and if this event is staged again next year I expect it would be even busier as word of mouth spreads.

A good humoured show was put on in the central area in front of the castle, and there was much to see and do with a friendly atmosphere.

 I hope my images portray some of the variety at the event.



 Not Everyone Survived

 Time for Food

 Parade Time

Colourful Hat

See and Hear no Evil




 Period Costume

 Carrick 800 Group

Snack Time

Smiling Suffragette

 Baking Bread

 Viking Display

Long Boat 

Stern Looking Suffragettes


Some Time for Food

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