Monday, 11 October 2010

Launch of Duncan

At 15:47 this afternoon  the sixth and last of the Royal Navy's new Type 45 Destroyers was launched from BAE Systems shiyard in Govan, Glasgow.

The 7,500 tonne warship - Duncan - will enter service in 2014. 

She will join the other Type 45 Destroyers - Daring, Diamond, Dauntless, Dragon and Defender.

The wife of the Deputy Commander-in-Chief Fleet Vice Admiral Richard Ibbotson - Marie Ibbotson - sent her down the slipway in traditional fashion.

Duncan is named after Admiral Adam Duncan who defeated the Dutch fleet in 1797.

Around 14,000 people watched this historic occasion and sadly this may be the last ship launched here. 

Certainly we will not see another launch for many years to come.


Duncan Getting Wet

 Almost Secure

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