Saturday, 6 November 2010

Myths & Legends Firework Display

The fireworks were part of Inverclyde's 'Myths & Legends' festival weekend.

I have to say the festival - in my view - has gone down every year from it's original concept a few years back.

It was a cold night and I was totally underwhelmed with the fireworks. Others around me echoed the same sentiments -one young lady saying it was 'rubbish'.

We could see Helensburgh's display across the river and it looked much more impressive.

Let's hope things are given fresh start next year and it all gets back on track.

Myths & Legends Fireworks

 Myths & Legends Fireworks

Myths & Legends Fireworks

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D-vault said...

i dont think its the fact that the fireworks where rubbish they spend too much on the myths and ledgends part of the show i mean did you see the baby phenix it looked better than the fireworks they should just go back to fireworks and a funfair its so much better than myths and ledgends i never liked it from the start anyway