Friday, 25 February 2011

'Night is Day' - Movie Presentation at CCA in Glasgow

Comic Camp was staged in the CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts) at Glasgow today.

 A two-part event exploring comics, animation, gaming, and film.

The morning session focused on emerging innovation, giving the floor to those working within these fields to present current projects or exciting new aspects of their work. This is where 'Night is Day' was promoted and a Q & A session for the audience was held.

A good attendance by the producers and crew gave the presenters (Fraser and Gavin) some moral support - though this was hardly needed as they gave excellent responses.

 Pre-Session Meet for the Early Birds

 Things are Looking Up at the CCA, Glasgow

 Beresford Building (Art-Deco) - Glasgow

 Kings Cafe and Variety Bar in Glasgow

More images are available at - - and are also better resolution.

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