Sunday, 28 August 2011

Night is Day - Collectormania Day Two

Images from our second day of promoting 'Night is Day' the movie at the Collectormania event at Braehead Arena.

Though less busy than yesterday we were still kept busy and pleased that Robert Maschino (The Todd) from the 'Scrubs' TV show joined us to show his support.

It was an enjoyable time and good to catch up with each other as we hadn't met up as a group for over a year when filming finished.

The movie is in 'post production' with music, sound and visual effects etc being added.

 Collectormania Glasgow 2011 - John Threatened by Fraser?

Collectormania Glasgow 2011 - 'Night is Day' Cast and Crew - 28 August 2011 

'Night is Day' Cast and Crew with Robert Maschino - The Todd - from 'Scrubs' - at Collectormania Glasgow 2011

Collectormania Glasgow 2011 - Tam and Nicki - Cast Members of 'Night is Day'

Collectormania Glasgow 2011 - 'Night is Day'' Cast Members

Collectormania Glasgow 2011 - The Knives Are Out

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