Friday, 13 April 2012

Joint Warrior 121 Arrivals - Faslane

 Naval vessels from around the globe arrived today prior to their participation in the maritime exercise 'Joint Warrior'.

Here are some images of those that headed to Faslane Naval Base in the Gareloch.

 HMS Bulwark (L15) - Off Rhu Spit

 HMS Monmouth Crew Give a Friendly Wave - Off Rhu Spit

 HMS Bulwark (L15) - Approaches Rhu Spit

 HMS Bulwark Deck - Off Rhu Spit

 HMS Bulwark (L15) - Faslane Bound

 USS Forrest Sherman (DDG-98) - Faslane Bound

 HDMS Esbern Snare (L17) - Off Rhu Spit

More images are available at - - and are also better resolution.

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