Wednesday, 19 June 2013

'Golden Cross' - Beached Restoration Tug

The 'Golden Cross' is a privately owned tug that was to be restored.

The story is fairly well documented elsewhere, but in brief - she broke free from her moorings and was beached by other tugs to prevent her sinking.

She has the boom around her to prevent pollution of the loch as she still has fuel and oils aboard.

She's been there for a while now, but no doubt there will be plans to rectify her situation.

My own view is she will probably be scrapped now, which is a great pity.

'Golden Cross' Tug - Loch Goil 

'Golden Cross' Tug with Boom 

'Golden Cross' Tug - Loch Goil 

'Golden Cross' Tug - Loch Goil

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