Thursday, 19 September 2013

Awaiting Departure of the 'City of Adelaide'

A run down to Irvine today as it looks like the 'City of Adelaide' will finally start her journey to leave Scotland today.

This is after yesterday's aborted run when I learned halfway down the road that it had been postponed.

I had driven through very heavy rain this morning so was relieved to find that Irvine was dry, if a bit on the windy side.

Sadly, despite a large turnout of well wishers to see her off, the departure was abandoned for a second day.

This grand old lady is certainly not running to schedule with the inclement weather.

She is now expected to depart either Friday or Saturday.

'Red Countess' Waits Patiently

Awaiting the Decision - Go or Stay?

 Crowds Gather for the Departure

Everyone Waits in Anticipation

'Dutch Pioneer' Returns to Her Berth

'Dutch Pioneer' Berthjng


 Berthing at High Water

 Ready with the Ropes

 Staying Put Today

View of the River

Till Tomorrow

Dutch Pioneer

Secured for the Night

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