Friday, 20 September 2013

'City of Adelaide' aka 'Carrick' Departs Irvine

The 'City of Adelaide' aka 'SV Carrick' finally departed Irvine today at the third attempt due to inclement weather.

A crowd of around 1,000 people assembled - many for their third day - and watched the world's oldest clipper ship leave Scotland bound for London. The historic clipper will then be loaded onto a cargo ship for its final journey to Australia to be restored.

She was built in Sunderland in1864, and was salvaged in 1992 after sinking in Glasgow the year before.

 'Dutch Pioneer' Leaving Irvine

Lady Harpist Performs Before the Departure

 'Dutch Pioneer' Flying the Flags

  'Dutch Pioneer' Manoeuvres Towards The 'City of Adelaide' 

 'Dutch Pioneer'

'City of Adelaide' Prepares to Depart Irvine

Final Preparation for the Departure of the 'City of Adelaide' 

'City of Adelaide' Departing Irvine

 'City of Adelaide' Departing Irvine

 'City of Adelaide' Departing Irvine

Crowds Gather to Witness the 'City of Adelaide' Departing Irvine

'Dutch Pioneer' Assisting the 'City of Adelaide' as She Departs Irvine

 'City of Adelaide' Now Far from Shore

City of Adelaide

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