Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Travels

An early start for a Sunday morning to catch the anchor handler 'UOS Liberty' as she departed the Greenock Ocean Terminal.

Then headed on down towards Largs to get a few shots of the 'Cape Elise' - a bulk carrier that had suffered some mechanical problems and was adrift in the Atlantic prior to being escorted to the anchorage off Bute for repairs.

Heading back to Greenock I stopped off at Wemyss Bay for a few shots around the pier and railway station.

Then carried on back up the coast to get a bite to eat at home.

Then back down to Greenock to catch the 'SD Victoria' as she arrived at Greenock.

Then home again for some editing and another bite to eat before heading to the 'Electric Glen' for some night shots.

 'UOS Liberty' Bound for Bute Anchorage

 'Cape Elise' and 'Kestrel' Anchored Off Bute

Snowy Arran Hills 

 Busy Anchorage

 'MV Argyle' Approaching Wemyss Bay Pier

'MV Argyle' Docks at Wemyss Bay

Wemyss Bay Station

'SD Victoria' Approaches Greenock

'SD Victoria' Passes East India Harbour

 'SD Victoria'

'SD Victoria' Bound for Great Harbour

More images are available at - - better resolution and options to licence.

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