Thursday, 29 May 2014

(HMS) Onyx Update

I was afforded the opportunity to take some images of the interior of the submarine Onyx today.

She is at Roseneath awaiting her fate as various groups attempt to raise money to save her and have her as an exhibit either in Helensburgh or Inverclyde.

I seriously doubt this will happen as the cost of restoration would run in to many millions of pounds.

To my untrained eye the interior was in fair condition but the exterior is a sorry sight I'm sorry to report.

There are numerous examples of the Oberon class already preserved all around the world so with a potential bill of around perhaps £10 million pounds I expect that Onyx will not be saved.

However I hope my photographs give a fair representation to those who will not get aboard one of this class of submarine, and to those who served in her.

Bank of Torpedo Tubes

Control Room

Engine room

Control Room

The Only Way is Up


Senior Chief Petty Officers Accommodation

Looking Aft

Signs of Decay


More Decay

More images are available at - - better resolution and options to licence.


hilary sutherland said...

Love submarines and these pictures are fascinating. Does sound very expensive though - perhaps lottery funding?

Alastair Marshall said...

I was the 2nd Wrecker for the end of her final commission. The MOD should have taken more responsibility for these fine craft which took us all over the world, in the name of UK defence