Sunday, 22 March 2015

Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway

A nice day trip through to Bo'ness today.

This was the first day of the trains running this season at Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway.

National Coal Board (NCB) locomotive No 19 had her first trip out after the winter renovations and looked great.

Fortunate to see the 'Royal Scotsman' diesel locomotive as she departed, and also diesel locomotive 20 020 stationed at the platform in Bo'ness.

Birkhill station has had a makeover and change of colour scheme to the style of the 'Caledonian Railway' and the volunteers are to be commended for their hard work.

All in all a rewarding day and nice to see some familiar faces while chatting to the volunteers.

 NCB No19 approaching Kinneil Halt

 Diesel Locomotive '47851' at Bo'ness Station

 Diesel Locomotive 20 020 at  Bo'ness Station


Bo'ness Station

Platform on Birkhill Station

 Birkhill Station

Timetable at Birkhill Station

 NCB No19 arriving at Birkhill Station

Arriving at Birkhill Station

 Smoke and Steam

Ready for Departure from Birkhill Station


Driver of NCB No19 at Bo'ness Station

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