Saturday, 1 August 2015

Govan on the Clyde

Having completed the tour at Fairfields it was a short drive to catch the Govan Ferry across to the North of the river.

Keen to get some photos of the section of (HMS) Prince of Wales - the aircraft carrier currently  under construction.

The section will be moved by barge to Rosyth where it will be assembled with the other section being constructed.

Arranged to go down the river on a RHIB, and thankfully was blessed with a bit of sunshine.

Aboard the Govan Ferry

 Lower Block Section Numbered Four

Barge in Position

Loading Will Take Place Overnight

 Heading Back to Base

Costa del Clyde as the Sun Shines

 Glenlee Sailing Ship

Riverside Museum and the Glenlee 

View Across from the South Side 

 Old Govan Ferry

 St Mungo - Glasgow Fire Boat

Govan Ferry - "Ellens Isle"

More images are available at - - better resolution and options to licence.

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