Wednesday, 16 September 2015

US Navy Ohio Class Submarine at Faslane

Very fortunate to catch an Ohio Class submarine of the US Navy as she went up to Faslane on the Gareloch in Scotland this morning.

I gather it's the first time a USN SSBN has visited Faslane since 2001.

In the US Navy ballistic missile submarines are designated SSBN (Ship, Submersible, Ballistic, Nuclear) and are nicknamed 'boomers.'

The sun shone brightly to greet her arrival, and there was some excitement on shore as she passed the Rhu Narrows bound for Faslane Naval Base.

Approaching from the Clyde 

 Passing Roseneath

 Sun Glints off the Casing


MOD Police Boat Escort

 Royal Marines Escorting

Flotilla Passes Rhu Spit

 SD Dependable with the Ohio Class

Faslane Bound

More images are available at - - better resolution and options to licence.

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