Friday, 11 December 2015

MV Catriona - Launch Day

Today we witnessed the launch of the MV Catriona - the first ship built since Jim McColl rescued the yard when things looked very dark indeed.

Since the rescue we have seen investment in infrastructure, and the rebuilding continues.

Talking to the yard workers it was clear to see that they were happy with the new scenario and the future looks and feels good.

The weather threatened prior to the launch but pleased to say we were blessed with some sunshine at the right time.

When in service she can carry 150 passengers, 23 cars, or two HGVs. She is the third ferry built at Fergusons utilising a hybrid system of diesel and battery power.

After sea trials we expect to see her in service in the summer of next year.

 Piper Plays

 Getting ready for the Launch

 Crowds start to Gather


 Waiting for the Launch

 Bottom is Wet

 A Loud Cheer

In She Goes

 Local school kids enjoy this piece of History

Ready for the next One

 The man who saved the shipyard

 Launch Party

 Best View?

Battler Assists to Berth

Jim McColl with the shipyard Workers

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