Thursday, 21 April 2016

Busy Day - Military Shipping in Scotland

Early start and drove over to Glen Mallan in time to see HMS Iron Duke arrive in lovely sunshine.

A quick drive down to the Gareloch and lucky enough to catch the German U-Boat as she came back in to Faslane after the Joint Warrior exercise.

Time for home and pleased to have caught both vessels in pleasant weather.

Decided to take another run across in the afternoon and again was lucky as an American submarine was departing.

Transpired that she was the USS Dallas - the submarine featured in the movie "The Hunt for Red October".

A very early build of the Los Angeles class and very probably one we'll not see here again - but then who really knows.

 Arriving at Loch Long

Bridge Activity

 Tug Assistance

 Helicopter in Hanger

 Approaching the Jetty

Beautiful Setting at Glen Mallon

U 34 Heading for Faslane Naval Base

Navigating the Gareloch

 Faslane Bound

Busy Office

Heading Out 
Bound for Sea

More images are available at - - better resolution and options to licence.

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