Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Flying Scotsman - NYMR Day One

First of the two day trip planned to see the Flying Scotsman.

Off to a bad start as Amey didn't open the motorway as per their schedule and their employee said it wasn't his problem. He also couldn't say when they would open the motorway so it was a lengthy detour around back roads, with a long drive ahead, and a schedule to meet.

However we had a fair run down after that and arrived in time to get to Pickering after checking in to our accommodation.

The NYMR was busy to say the least as everyone was keen to catch a glimpse of this iconic locomotive.

It was however mostly good natured and much banter amongst the crowds.

The volunteers on the line were also very helpful but a friend had a poor experience that blighted his day.

The diesel locomotive service had been cancelled so no way back to Pickering for three hours, and it was getting colder and colder.

NYMR organisation was very poor in dealing with situation. All day ticket travellers at intermediate stations were effectively abandoned with station staff making no effort to help.

The best they could offer was a number for a taxi - not even willing to make the call. As no mobile phone signal this was less than useless.

After a lot of pressure and debate they seemed to get a grip and stopped the Flying Scotsman at each intermediate station, and gave the stranded passengers a lift in the guard van.

What was also poor was that they deleted comments about the failure from their Facebook page - would have though an apology and recognition of the problem would have been the thing to do, not just ignore and censor.

Anyway, day two will follow.

'Flying Scotsman' at Pickering Level Crossing

 Levisham Station

 Class 37 Diesel (37264) approaching Levisham Station

'Flying Scotsman' approaching Goathland Station 

Class 37 Diesel (37264) approaching Levisham Station

'Flying Scotsman' approaching Goathland Station

Warm and Steamy Cab

 Stationary Locos at Grosmont Sheds

 'Flying Scotsman' approaching Levisham Station

'Flying Scotsman' approaching Levisham Station

 'Flying Scotsman' Cab

 'Flying Scotsman' at Goathland Station

 'Flying Scotsman' arriving at Goathland Station
Steam Locomotive Ex BR 76079 at Goathland Station

 76079 gets cleaned down for the night at the Grosmont Depot

Evening service with “Daisy” about to depart Grosmont Station

More images are available at - www.dougie-coull-photography.com - better resolution and options to licence.

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