Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Flying Scotsman - NYMR Day Two

Day two got off to a good start as we rose earlier than planned and headed for Grosmont Station.

Things went a bit awry though as some poor chap had taken a tumble from the platform and landed on the track. Thankfully he was OK after attention form the paramedics.

We however had got delayed in the traffic and then when we got to the car park - where we had paid £5 for an hour the previous evening - it was closed to all but NYMR staff.

The overflow car park was too far away to get down and back quickly enough to catch the Flying Scotsman departing. Long story short, after some persistence we were advised of a place we could utilise and we managed to get parked.

Another disappointment as the Flying Scotsman departed in one almighty plume of steam and all we saw as she passed the viewing area was steam - no train.

 Back to the car and off we went along the track to get a  new location.

Thereafter the day went well, though opportunities were limited due to her travelling tender first on her return journeys. Just a fact of life with the line.

After her last departure from Grosmont we decided to head home. It had been a long two days and finally got home around 21:30.

Really pleased we made the trip and great to have some images and first hand experience  of this fantastic steam locomotive.

Spectator falls on the tracks at Grosmont Station

 'Flying Scotsman' at Grosmont Station

 'Flying Scotsman' on the Moors

'Flying Scotsman' on the Moors as Crowds Gather

 Goathland Station

Grosmont Depot

 'Flying Scotsman' passing Grosmont Depot 

 Two Happy and Friendly NYMR Volunteers  

'Flying Scotsman' at Grosmont Station

 'Flying Scotsman' at Grosmont Station

'Flying Scotsman' Cab

 'Flying Scotsman' at Pickering Station

 'Flying Scotsman' at Pickering Station

  'Flying Scotsman' on the Moors

 Diesel Arrival at Goathland

Steam and Diesel

Waiting on the 'Flying Scotsman'

Pulling Strong Uphill

 'Flying Scotsman' - Final Departure

More images are available at - - better resolution and options to licence.

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